Welcome to the Gilchrist County School District's Elementary REACH page! REACH is a program that we are implementing to continue to provide educational options to your child during school closures. The following links can be accessed for information to help you through this process.  Select your child's grade level below to access information regarding their expectations during this time.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Skyward Student and Family Access
Mental Health
Accelerated Reader and Math Access Information
Accelerated Reader and Math Login
|Clever Access Information
Clever Login
REACH Help Desk
Distance Learning Resources

Department of Children and Families Abuse Hotline: (800) 962-2873

Access to i-Ready via Clever – Most of our students access i-Ready through Clever. We are mailing home a letter with your child’s username and password.  

    • If your child knows his/her Clever username and password, they can access clever using this link:   www.clever.com/in/gilchrist.
    • Kindergarten and First Grade Students may know how to log in using their easy logins which includes a class number and a three character password such as “star, heart, smiley face.”  If so, they can access i-Ready by going to login.i-Ready.com and clicking on the K-1 Card Login.

    If you have any trouble logging in, please access our Help Desk

Bell Elementary AssignmentsTrenton Elementary Assignments
1st Grade1st Grade
2nd Grade2nd Grade
3rd Grade3rd Grade
4th Grade4th Grade
5th Grade5th Grade

If your child is on an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan, we will continue to provide services during school closures through our REACH program. For more information on services and expectations during these special circumstances, please access the links below. If at any time you need additional help, please see our REACH Help Desk

Students on ACCESS POINTS click here

For Speech/Language Services Click Here

For Physical Therapy Services Click Here

For Occupational Therapy Services Click Here