Accelerated Reader at Bell Elementary School

Reading is an important part of our curriculum at Bell Elementary School. One component of our reading program is Accelerated Reader. Every elementary school student who has a reading class participates in the Accelerated Reading Program.

What is Accelerated Reader?

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer-based reading management and motivational system designed to complement existing classroom literacy programs for grades K-12. AR’s goal is to motivate students to read using a point system.

Students choose books to read from the media center based on their reading ability, their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). The student’s ZPD is determined by a standardized computer program called STAR Reading which gives the student a range that is appropriate for his or her personal reading level. All AR books are marked with reading and point levels.

The student reads the book and takes a computerized quiz. Books are assigned a point value based on the number of words contained and reading difficulty. The point value is determined by a formula generated within the AR program. Each student reads at his or her own pace.

The test gives immediate feedback in terms of the number of points earned based on the point value assigned to the book and the number of correct answers on the test. For example, for a book worth 10 AR points, the student would receive 10 points for a score of 100 percent, 9 points for 90 percent, and so on. However, the student must score at least 60 percent to earn any points.

The program presents test scores and points earned, and it keeps records in order to help teachers and parents manage and track a student’s attempt to reach his or her goal.

How is Accelerated Reader aligned with current reading research?

The purpose of AR is not to provide reading instruction. Rather, its purpose is to help motivate students to read more books at an appropriate level of difficulty by using a point system tied to individual goals.

AR seeks to motivate students to read advanced-level books and to increase their personal reading time. 

So basically, AR is part of the reading program here at Bell. A student selects a book on his reading level from the media center or public library and reads it at home and during his reading class. Then when he  or she finishes, he or she takes a quiz on the computer about the book. If the quiz is passed the student earns points, ultimately increasing reading skills.

Parents: Please access the link below in order to search for AR books by reading level, interest level, author, title, topic, and more!

AR Book Directory