The Gilchrist County School System is dedicated to providing students with programming that will promote their unique cognitive, social, and emotional potential. Students with gifted abilities exist in all ethnic, geographic, and socioeconomic groups. Continuous search and nomination will ensure that all students participate in an appropriate learning environment. Cooperation and collaboration among parents, schools, delivery models to maximize the potential of our gifted population. Continuous staff development and program evaluation will ensure quality programming. Students exiting our program will be prepared as independent, lifelong learners and leaders in our ever-changing society.

Who is the Gifted Student?

The gifted child is defined in Florida as "One who has superior intellectual development, is capable of high performance and requires expanded educational challenges from the regular school population." Gifted students tend to learn things more easily and quickly and to engage in advanced thinking processes. These students also have unique social and emotional needs which require attention.

How Does a Child Qualify for the Gifted Program?

A student is eligible for special programs for the gifted if s/he demonstrates the following:

  • Superior Intellectual Development - An intelligence quotient of two standard deviations or more above the mean on an individually administered standardized test of intelligence.
  • A majority of characteristics of gifted children according to a standard scale or checklist.
  • A need for a special program for the gifted. This need is based on established criteria such as achievement levels or social behaviors. These behaviors may be exhibited in positive and/or negative ways.

Who Can Refer a Child for Evaluation for Possible Gifted Placement?

Nominations for screening and evaluations for the gifted student program can be made by the child's teacher or other staff member, the parents/guardians, or in some cases by the child him/herself. The process begins at the school level in the guidance department with the district screening procedure. Nomination forms must be filled out and returned to the child’s guidance counselor at each school.

When Can a Child be Referred for the Gifted Program?

A child may be referred for evaluation at any time. The school psychologist will begin testing once the referral has been received. Upon completion of testing, the child's educational team and parent will review test results.

How are Services Provided to a Gifted Child?

A variety of service options are available to serve the diverse needs of the gifted learner. Generally, the gifted student is served through part-time enrichment, pull-out classes. Through Gilchrist County's Gifted Student Program, students are taught advanced skills in communication, logical and critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, human relations, leadership, goal setting, group dynamics, product development, service learning, independent study, self-awareness and self-evaluation techniques.

Which Schools Offer Programs for Gifted Students?

All of Gilchrist County’s schools offer programs for gifted students.

How Long is a Child Eligible to Receive Services in the Gifted Program?

A student identified for gifted services is eligible to continue to receive these services through high school graduation as long as the student continues to exhibit a need for the services. However, lower than expected achievement levels or lack of responsiveness to the instructional program are not to be considered automatic reasons for dismissal or temporary withdrawal from the gifted program. Unless a specific reason arises, students are generally not re-evaluated on the standardized, individual test of intelligence.

For further information please contact Mrs. Salley Martin Project Coordinator at (352) 463-4407.