Who To Contact

Billie Jo Bible Certification, Vacancies, Applications, Recruitment, Insurance, Benefits,
Substitutes, Volunteers, Vendors, FMLA, Unemployment, E-Verify,
Florida New Hire Reporting, Background checks, Personnel Records,
Public Records Request pertaining to personnel, Employee Assistance, Investigations, Grievances.
(352) 463-4403
Debra Robarts
Risk Management (including Worker's Compensation) (352) 463-3205
Debbie Hill 
Leigh Rogers
Finance Officer  
     Payroll Coordinator
(352) 463-3203
(352) 463-3244

Welcome to the Gilchrist County School District's Department of Human Resources. The HR department is responsible for personnel, retirement, employee benefits, teacher certification, and we work closely with the Finance Department on payroll, workers compensation, and risk management. This page has been developed in an effort to provide teachers, support personnel, administrators, and members of the public information regarding human resources and its related areas.