School Board Policy 4.09/D

Students practicing or participating in any type of interscholastic athletics shall provide proof of accident insurance covering medical expenses of any injury sustained in a sport. The principal shall be
responsible for obtaining proof, as evidenced by a copy of the insurance card and a signed statement from the student’s parent(s) as defined by Florida Statute, of the student’s insurance prior to practice or participation in interscholastic athletics. Such insurance may be made available to the parent(s) through the school, or the parent(s) may submit evidence that insurance has been provided through another source.

For those parents who do not have health insurance on their children, or would like extra coverage to help pay for deductibles and co-pays, they can elect to enroll in accident coverage with the School Insurance Agency.

Enrollment forms will not be sent out this year. Please sign-up online at https://www.schoolinsuranceagency.com. In addition, please access this Brochure and the Rate Sheet.

Once the fee is paid and the online enrollment is complete coverage will be effective immediately and an ID card can be printed.