The library at TES serves to instill a love of reading, encourage life-long learning, and help students become independent library users. Students visit the library as part of their wheel classes to check out materials and practice informational literacy skills. The library is an inviting space where students may gain knowledge and insight.

Accelerated Reader

Students who reach their grade level goal with 85% accuracy each nine weeks will receive and invitation to the celebrations. Student who have earned their points each nine weeks AND the end of the year goal with 85% accuracy will be invited to the end of the year trip.

AR Points 1st nine wks 2nd nine wks 3rd nine wks End of Year Total
K 10 15 15 40
1ST 10 15 15 40
2nd 20 20 20 70*
3rd 25 25 25 80*
4th 25 25 25 85*
5th 30 30 30 100*