Welcome to the Gilchrist County School District's Educational Services page. Please access the links provided for information regarding assessment information, bullying prevention, employee evaluation, equity, child trafficking education, mental and emotional health education, and substance use/abuse education.

In Gilchrist County, our goal is to provide a strong focus on student achievement while maintaining our goals of student safety, preparedness, and character. The educational services that we provide are intended to prepare students as life-long learners, problem-solvers, and critical thinkers. While student success and continuous improvement are driving forces, we must also ensure that students feel good about coming to school, are safe, are taught by the most effective teachers possible, and are exposed to every opportunity to learn and thrive. In addition, we must be compliant with rules and regulations. We need your help to fulfill all of these expectations, and we welcome your input and support throughout the year. Please remember to be a part of your child's education, and ensure the same high expectations at home as we do here at school.

For information regarding the educational services that we provide, please contact me at the number to the left.


Uniform Statewide Assessment Calendar

According to Section 1008.22(7)(c), Florida Statutes (F.S.), and State Board of Education Rule 6A‐1.094224, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C), each school district must complete this uniform calendar with district‐required assessment information, publish the calendar to the district website, and provide it to the Department by October 1 of each school year, beginning in 2016–17. In addition, each school must publish the completed calendar on its website.

Click here for our current Uniform Statewide Assessment Calendar

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