Gilchrist County School District welcomes volunteers and values their service to our schools. If you would like to volunteer with any of our schools; whether in the classroom, lunchroom, library, front office, or any other area you will need to go through the process to become an approved volunteer. You will need to meet with the administration of the school you wish to volunteer to see where you are needed and administration will place you where there is the highest need. Below are the requirements necessary to become an approved volunteer.

If you are a volunteer only (not a substitute), your fingerprints will be paid for. Volunteer fingerprints will not work for substituting.

Coaches – If you have been asked to help coach sports, your fingerprints may be paid by the district, you will need to confirm this before your fingerprint appointment. Paid coaches are required to have an Athletic Coaching Certificate issued by the Florida Department of Education or be a certified teacher. Contact Human Resources for more information about obtaining an Athletic Coaching certificate.

College Students – If you are required to have volunteer hours for a college class, you will need to contact Human Resources and be processed as a student for Field Experience.

Court Ordered Volunteer – If you are required by the court to obtain “community service” volunteer hours please contact Human Resources.