Teacher and School Administrator Evaluation System Information

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The Teacher Evaluation System in place in Gilchrist County is scientifically research-based and is supported by Race to the Top requirements, State Board Rule, and Florida Statutes. Revision of the evaluation system to meet requirements took place collaboratively over the summer of 2011, involving all stakeholders. Performance evaluation must be based upon sound educational principles and contemporary research in effective educational practices, per 1012.34(3)(a), F.S. For this reason, Gilchrist County School District has elected to utilize the state’s model for performance evaluation based on the work of Robert Marzano. Marzano's research is detailed in the evaluation system document (link below). In addition, this document covers information on teacher performance standards (FEAPs), evaluator roles, alignment with school improvement efforts, and common language. The entire evaluation cycle is described, and each component is detailed. Appendices provide further clarification. Trainings have taken place both for the evaluators and those that will be evaluated using this system. Professional development in this system will continue to take place as needed. After reviewing the system, please contact Mrs. Ronda Parrish with any questions. Previous year evaluation system may be accessed HERE


In compliance with Race to the Top, 1012.34 F.S., and Rule 6A-5.030 F.A.C., the School Administrator Evaluation System has also recently been revised to include all appropriate components. The purpose of district evaluation systems is to increase student learning growth by improving the quality of instructional, administrative, and supervisory services in each school. In support of this purpose, Gilchrist County School District's evaluation system for school administrators has been designed collaboratively to include a performance evaluation at least once per year for all school administrators, strategies based on contemporary research in effective educational practices, support for continuous improvement, and evaluation procedures based primarily on the performance of students.