• If your child has any symptoms of Covid-19, please DO NOT send him/her to school!

  • Work hard to remain 6 feet from others whenever possible.

  • Continue to encourage healthy habits such as frequent hand washing and sanitizing

  • If you are quarantined, please STAY HOME and limit exposure to others at all times!

  • If your child has been tested, he/she should quarantine (from school and all school related functions) until the test results have been received.

    - If results are positive, DO NOT send your child to school and please report to the Health Department (463-3120). - If results are negative, your child may return to school.

  • If you are sick, please stay home to avoid exposing others to any illness.

  • Staff members in charge of students should keep seating charts accurate and enforce them at all times.

  • Continue sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces.

  • Be mindful of exposure and social distancing with others during school breaks.


  • When a positive case occurs, the Gilchrist County Health Department conducts the investigation to determine contacts that result in quarantines and will also notify the positive individual of their quarantine end date if they are made aware of the case. Please refer to the document below, DOE/DOH Covid Student Flowchart.

  • If a staff member or student has a positive test at a health provider OTHER than the Gilchrist County Health Department, PLEASE CALL YOUR PRINCIPAL immediately and notify the Health Department 463-3120.

  • If you have concerns or questions, you are welcome to call the Gilchrist County Health Department at (352) 463-3120 and ask for someone in COVID tracing.



Please use this page as a resource for information and guidance on COVID-19 as it relates to our school system. We will be updating this page with numbers and information on a regular basis.

Here is some information on our numbers of positive COVID-19 cases each week. Although the numbers of actual positive cases has remained relatively low, our numbers of students/staff quarantined due to exposure have been more significant. For that reason, we are asking that our stakeholders make healthy practices a priority to avoid future quarantining.

To clarify, the GCSD is the public education agency for Gilchrist County, not the county's health organization. We operate within the parameters of the guidance we have received and continue to receive from the Health Department, CDC, and Florida Department of Education.  We are unable to make changes to quarantine policies, for example.  However, we do have a structured environment in which we can control certain practices related to health.  Our priority is health and safety, and then education.  We will continue to maintain these priorities with your help.  


Covid numbers


* These numbers represent cases affecting GCSD only.  There may be other positive cases that do not have an impact on the school system. 


  • We completed a survey of our stakeholders to gauge perspective

  • Covid-19 Task Force will continue to meet as needed

    • Comprised of a variety of stakeholders

    • Examines current practices

    • Continues to explore options, reviews suggested protocols provided by staff, and makes recommendations as appropriate

    • Revise our current reopening plan

  • Improve cleaning practices

  • Communicate about the status of Covid-19 in our schools

  • We are currently limiting visitors (parents, volunteers, guests, etc.) on campus to only those necessary.

  • We are encouraging parents to drop students off and pick students up when possible due to the inability to social distance on buses.

  • We are encouraging social distancing at all times in classrooms and buses; however, this is often not possible due to the size of buildings, classrooms, and/or buses.

  • We are providing areas for students to spread out when possible in "waiting" areas or crowded areas like cafeterias by providing outdoor areas when possible. We are also trying to ensure students are not in one area for more than 15 minutes when possible.

  • Teachers, bus drivers, and administrators will continue to maintain accurate seating charts to assist with limiting exposure and contact tracing.

  • Classroom desks and frequently touched surfaces are cleaned between classes.

  • Buses are sanitized between routes.

  • We are continuing to encourage good hygiene including regular hand washing and not touching faces.

  • We have sanitization stations in every building to allow the regular use of hand sanitizer, and we are encouraging the use of sanitizer.

  • We are following all Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Education guidelines for the quarantining of positive individuals and exposed individuals to ensure the health and safety of all.

  • Masks are optional for all students and staff members.

  • Vaccines are also optional for all eligible students and staff members.


  • When a positive case occurs, the Gilchrist County Health Department conducts the investigation to determine contacts that result in quarantines if they are made aware of the case.

  • If an individual is identified as a “contact” and needs to quarantine, the health department or school will make the notification.

  • The duration of a quarantine can vary and is determined by contact tracers for the health department based on the date of exposure.

  • In general, individuals are quarantined if they were within 6 feet of a positive case for 15 accumulated minutes or more as determined by the contract tracers.

  • Although we support the wearing of masks, it does not prevent a quarantine, if exposed at school.

  • If antibodies are present in an individual’s blood, this will not prevent a quarantine.

  • A negative Covid-19 test will NOT prevent you from being in quarantine or end your quarantine sooner except as outlined in the DOE/DOH Covid Student Flowchart.

  • If an individual has tested positive within the preceding 90 days of being identified as a contact, they may be exempt from quarantine.

  • If an individual has been fully vaccinated and comes in contact with a positive person, he/she will NOT need to quarantine as long as he/she is exhibiting no symptoms.

  • If you are identified as a contact to a positive person OUTSIDE of the school, please CALL YOUR PRINCIPAL or the Health Department (463-3120).

  • If you have concerns or questions, you are welcome to call the Gilchrist County Health Department at 352-463-3120 and ask for someone in COVID tracing.