Update on COVID-19

Dear Parents and Community Members:


A lot is happening quickly as we continue to work with Federal, State, and local health officials in monitoring the COVID-19 virus.  School officials have been in contact daily with health officials and the Department of Education.  As our students begin Spring Break next week, we hope that it will be an enjoyable and safe break for everyone.  Many of our students and their families have made travel plans for part or all of next week.  We are hopeful that you can still enjoy those plans, even with concerns for the virus.  The Department of Education, on the recommendation of the state Department of Health, has asked us to share the following guidance with our students and their families regarding travel and the spread of infection.


  • Anyone who goes on foreign travel, to any country, should self-isolate for 14 days upon return.
  • Anyone who goes on a cruise, anywhere, should self-isolate for 14 days upon return. 
  • Please be vigilant in social situations to practice hand washing and social distancing of others who are exhibiting symptoms of illness.


We are planning at this time for our students to return to school on Monday, March 23rd as planned.  If the situation changes and decisions are made to alter the schedule for student return, we will notify our students, parents, and community through an automated phone call, Facebook, and local media.  Again, we want everyone to have a wonderful Spring Break.  Working together as a community and as a nation, we have a responsibility to one another to exercise patience, respect, and kindness in times like these.  By working to eliminate the spread of infection individually, we can best ensure the safety and well-being of one another.  Thank you, and best wishes for a safe week!