CTE Month - Biotech

It’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month! Celebrate with us by becoming familiar with the programs we offer. Expect to see posts about each of our programs this month.  First up, the Agriculture Biotechnology program at THS!

The Agriculture Biotechnology program is designed to expose students to current biotechnology applications, genetic principles, tissue / cell culture, and the potential for biotechnology in the area of agriculture. Students participate in laboratory investigations that include scientific inquiry, research, measurement, problem-solving, emerging technologies, and experimental quality and safety procedures.

program has a sequence of courses that includes Agriculture
Foundations, Ag Biotech 2, and Ag Biotech 3.  All three of these courses
are level 3 courses which result in Honors credit.  Students are given
the opportunity to become industry certified, and may even earn college
credit.  Ask your guidance counselor how you could become involved in
this program.