Gilchrist County School District received new guidance YESTERDAY from the Florida Department of Health which eliminates the need for ASYMPTOMATIC students to quarantine after having direct contact with a Covid positive person.  This means that any students who are currently quarantined due to exposure to a positive person may return to school starting today IF AND ONLY IF they are ASYMPTOMATIC, meaning they have no symptoms. 

Any students who have had a positive Covid test OR have any symptoms may NOT come back to school and must continue to follow the guidance provided by the health department for their quarantine. 

Beginning immediately, when an exposure occurs at school or on a bus, the health department will continue to notify the parents of the exposure.  However, parents will now have the choice to quarantine their child for up to seven days or allow their child to continue attending school if the child has NO SYMPTOMS. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school or the health department.

Thank you!