Gem Mining

On Monday, 3rd through 5th grade students were immersed in science during Bell Elementary's annual Science Day! Identifying different rocks based on physical appearances, changing the state of matter (solid, liquid, gas), and learning about adaptive characteristics of different species were just a few things that filled the day!

A big thank you to the following vendors for making this day possible for our students:

Jeff Stover –  Diamond Del Gem Mining

Ana Fajardo and D’evonja Roberts –  Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences  – Nutrition

Matthew Barker, David Schutt, Travis Cooper – Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission 

Dr. Marc Minno & Alexandria Blankenship – Suwannee River Water Management District 

Ralph Smith – Gilchrist Emergency Management

Denny George (and Mr. Goodman and Mr. Polk) – Central Florida Electric Company

Alberto Lopez – Florida Museum of Natural History

Barbara Edmonds (and Kristine Switt, Susan Harris, Christine Hentschel, Mary Tracy) –  Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences  

Joe MacKenzie & Warren Eastman – Florida Forest Service

Suwanna Blakey – Gifted Teacher at BES/BHS

Jessica Cooper & Clayton Bania –  Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences  and UF Entomology Department