Flu Message from Health Department

January 25, 2018

This is a message to all Parents, from the Florida Department of Health and The Gilchrist County School District.

Please be aware that Flu illness has sharply increased in Florida and in Gilchrist County over the last two weeks. Flu is easily spread from person to person. It can cause severe illness is certain people, especially the very young, elderly, pregnant women and people with high risk conditions such as asthma, diabetes, kidney disease and more. The Department is urging parents and children to get vaccinated. It is not too late. Vaccine is safe, and although it may not prevent flu completely, it can help lessen the severity of the illness.

Things you can do to keep you and your family safe are, as follows:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Avoid public places. If you don’t HAVE to go somewhere, don’t. Keep sick family members home, and avoid contact between them and other family and friends.

If you or your child come down with flu symptoms such as:  Cough, sore throat, body aches, fever and runny nose- call your doctor right away and follow their advice. Do not go to school or work if you are sick.   Please notify your school health team if your child has the flu or if you have any questions. Together we can help stop the spread. Please use these resources for additional information:

Flu Guide for Parents

Cleaning to Avoid the Flu

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