Music Recorders

A message from the music teacher, Laura Beard, about student recorders.

Our recorders are here!  3rd, 4th and 5th graders should have received them during their music class last week.  If your child did not receive one, they need to get a signed recorder permission form and turn it in to me ASAP.   

Please help me encourage our students with this new endeavor.  I use a tool called the "3 P's" (practice, patience, and perseverance) which carries over into every aspect of life. When you hear them practicing it will not be a pleasant sound at first and we need to encourage them to keep trying and seek assistance if needed.  I've seen students give up too easily because it's discouraging to hear those first squeaky sounds as they are learning how to use it properly.  

Please help me reinforce my rule of "NO PLAYING" outside of a designated practice area unless it is approved by an adult.  We should NOT hear them around campus, in the bus loop,  parent pick up, cafeteria, etc.   Recorders should always be practiced in a designated practice area at school and at home.  This encourages our students to focus when they are practicing and it cuts down on the "oh no, not the recorder again" comments from family and friends which only discourages the student from playing.  

 Please make sure they keep the recorders and books in their backpacks at ALL TIMES.  Over the years I've found that this is best way to be prepared for class.  All too often I have heard, "I left my recorder and book at home" or "my sibling took my recorder and now I can't find it."  They can take them home to practice, but I encourage them to put them right back in their backpack when they are done practicing everyday.  They are very light and will hardly add extra weight to the backpack.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you so much everyone!  It takes a community to encourage music education and we appreciate your constant support in this new exciting adventure! 

Musically Yours,
Laura Beard
Elementary Music Teacher
Gilchrist County Schools