Exciting YEARBOOK news!!!



Things to know!!!

  • The cost of this is $25 per ¼ page
  • To purchase a yearbook, there is an additional cost of $30. A yearbook is not included in the purchase of a personalized page.
  • There is a limit of two ¼ page ads per student. They are not able to receive additional ads once there have been 2 purchased in their name. They will NOT be printed if so.
  • Keep in mind…all pages will be “proofed” by our editor before printing J
  • Please visit this website:
  • Choose Bell Elementary School from the drop down menu
  • Click “Create a dedication ad”
  • Create a log-in, so that your work will be saved J
  • We are excited to see your creation!


Please email:

Brooke Whittington at

Ashley Jones at

Peggy Sue Hilliard at