Red Ribbon Week

Bullying Prevention /Awareness Red Ribbon Week 2018

Monday “Give Drugs the Boot” * Wear Boots * Paper bags will be sent home to decorate and be turned in on Wednesday for coloring contest. Students will be challenged to say good morning to at least three people.

Tuesday “Strong together Against Bullying and Drugs” * Wear Blue shirt (The class with the most blue shirts on wins an ice-cream party!) * Students will be challenged to talk to at least two people they don’t know.

Wednesday “I can live drug free” * Students pick a friend to match colors with * Bring in can goods in paper bags for coloring contest. Students will be challenged to hold the door open for at least three people.

Thursday “Be All You Can Be Drug Free” * Students wear camouflage * Create Kindness cards to place in library books. Students will be challenged to volunteer to help at least one adult.

Friday “Kindness makes the world a better place” * School contest for favorite super hero. Kids wear their favorite super hero shirts! * School wide favorite superhero will be announced on the news Monday morning. * Students create “Kindness Cootie Catchers” and will be challenged to do one random act of kindness for someone.