Who to Contact in MIS

Gilchrist County Data Processors
  Jana Kight District Office - MIS Assistant 463-4121
Minnie Stalvey Trenton Elementary 463-3227
Ti Herrington & Casey Hassell Trenton Elementary ESE 463-3227
Ginger Mower Trenton Middle/High 463-3210
Debbie Roberts Bell Elementary 463-3275

Missy Taylor

Bell Middle/High


Gilchrist County School District's MIS Department works in partnership with the North East Florida Education Consortium (NEFEC). NEFEC assists our county in the maintaining and reporting of student data to the Department of Education.

Gilchrist County Public Schools depend upon data processors whose primary responsibility is the entry of accurate and complete information on each child who is receiving educational services at each school. Data Processors in this county meet quarterly to be updated on the Department of Education's changing demands. These quarterly meetings also serve as training opportunities to review student records, to discuss how to report new data elements, and to provide ways to improve the way we accurately record student information.