Kindness Challenge

We hope all students and staff take part in our upcoming THS Kindness Initiative!  In remembrance of the tragic Parkland shooting, we are all going to practice and promote kindness on our campus.  This week while you are eating lunch, grab a red or pink heart from an ambassador and write a note of appreciation to someone or just a general word of encouragement. These will be displayed all over the cafeteria walls! Some classes will be decorating our sidewalks with encouraging quotes and kind words, and other classes will be making posters to display with positive messages.  6th grade is working on a kindness rock garden! Be listening for a daily kindness challenge each day! A new challenge will be issued each day for the rest of the month! Let's all do our part to make THS a kind, positive, and encouraging school to attend!

  • Tuesday, Feb 15- Give someone a hug today.
  • Wednesday, Feb 16- Send a nice text or write a quick note to someone that you appreciate and tell them why.
  • Thursday, Feb 17-Hold a door open for someone today
  • Friday, Feb 18- Give a compliment to at least 5 people today.
  • Tuesday, Feb 22- Pick up one thing that does not belong to you and put it in its rightful place. (even if it’s a rock)
  • Wednesday, Feb 23-Smile while actually looking at someone
  • Thursday, Feb 24- Help someone with a task that is easy for you but hard for them.
  • Friday, Feb 25- Write a thank you note to a teacher, coach, lunchroom worker, or staff worker at THS and tell them thank you for what they do for you and our school.
  • Monday, Feb 28- Straighten up desks or clean up the floors in your classrooms today.
  • Tuesday, March 1- Make someone laugh today (especially if they don’t laugh often)
  • Wednesday, March 2- Tell someone important to you that you love them.
  • Thursday, March 3- High five a stranger
  • Friday, March 4- Find someone to do a task for that you know he/she hates doing.